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26 Ogos 2011

Examples of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sayings

1.The believers, in their love, mercy, and kindness to one another are like a body: if any part of it is ill, the whole body shares its sleeplessness and fever.
 Narrated in Saheeh Muslim and Al-Bukhari

2. The most perfect of the believers in faith are the best of them in morals. And the best among them are those who are best to their wives. Narrated in Mosnad Ahmad and at Tirmizi

3. None of you believes (completely) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.
Narrated in Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim

4. The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Show mercy to those on earth, and God will show mercy to you.
Narrated in Al-Tirmizi,  and Abu-Dawood

5. Smiling at your brother is charity... Narrated in Al-Tirmizi

6. A good word is charity. - Narrated in Saheeh Muslim and Saheeh Al-Bukhari

7. Whoever believes in God and the Last Day (the Day of Judgment) should do good to his neighbour.
Narrated in Saheeh Muslim and Saheeh Al-Bukhari

8. God does not judge you according to your appearance and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and looks into your deeds.
Narrated in Saheeh Muslim

9. Pay the worker his wage before his sweat dries. - Narrated in Ibn Majah

10.A man walking along a path felt very thirsty. Reaching a well, he descended into it, drank his fill, and came up. Then he saw a dog with its tongue hanging out, trying to lick up mud to quench its thirst. The man said, “This dog is feeling the same thirst that I felt.” So he went down into the well again, filled his shoe with water, and gave the dog a drink. So, God thanked him and forgave his sins.} The Prophet  was asked, “Messenger of God, are we rewarded for kindness towards animals?” He said: {There is a reward for kindness to every living animal or human.
Narrated in Saheeh Muslim and Saheeh Al-Bukhari

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